Nikken's authentic​ PiMag products returned to Australia on 1 January 2017. 'Water for Life' is the exclusive and authorized agent for Nikken products in Australia. 
Pimag Shower

Enjoy a range of support wraps designed for the back, joints and limbs which combine Nikken’s Far-Infra red and negative ion technologies.
They help to relieve discomfort from injuries or just plain wear and tear.

Nikken has been at the forefront of magnetic technology for 40 years and its products have a standard of quality and durability that is unequalled. 
‘Dyna Flux’ features Nikken’s most advanced technology which increases the depth of field for greater penetration.
Pimag Water System

Nikken Pi Mag


Magnetic Products 

Nikken’s Pi Mag products are designed to convert tap water into fresh spring-like alkaline water which will bring these qualities into our homes and offices.
It is an economical alternative to bottled water with advanced filtration for cleaner, better tasting water
Pimag Waterfall
Pimag Sports Bottle